The word commitment is a powerful word.  It means if we follow Christ we must hate our sin.  Sin is destructive and will separate us from God. If we commit our lives to Christ we should be willing to give up our sinful ways so we can glorify our lord.  We must give up our tyrannical rule of our own self-centeredness by laying aside our striving for advantage, security and pleasure so we can serve our loving God freely.  Releasing control of our lives and transferring it to Jesus brings eternal life and genuine joy.
Commitment means to love our neighbor as ourselves.  To serve and care about those whom we come in contact with.  Those who we live with, work with, worship with and those we meet as strangers.  It means to become more like Jesus each day.  I can truly say this, that if you are willing to commit yourself to God he will never let you down.  He will walk with you all the way.  Never leave nor forsake you.  That is his promise to you.

Pastor Bob